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Solo Encore

Product Code: S-ENCORE

  • Compact design suits modern offices that are short on space
  • Fast drink selection makes it perfect for busy areas
  • High specification vending machine, built to last
  • Easy to clean design for simple day-to-day maintenance
  • Wide choice of great tasting café style drinks menu options
  • Clear drink descriptions, for fast easy drink selections
  • Authentic Italian-style bean-to-cup coffee including cappuccino, café latte and double espresso
  • Wide choice of drink options including two instant coffees

(regular and decaf ), freshbrew tea, chocolate, soup or even

low cal chocolate?

  • Choose from instant, freshbrew and bean-to-cup models
  • Personalise drinks like they taste "at home" with

adjustable strength, whitener and sugar levels

  • Up to two chilled still or sparkling flavoured drinks
  • Ingredient pulsing ensures consistent mixing and optimum drink quality
  • Optional UV and Brita filter kit removes any worries about mains water quality
  • Use your own tableware
  • Cup sensor allows you to use your own cup or mug

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