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Sigma Touch

Product Code: S-TOUCH

The Sigma Touch takes vending to a whole new level...

Intuitive touch sensitive menu selection offers a wide range of menu choice

High-definition 19-inch touch screen and fully integrated speakers for high quality sound

Dynamic “attention-grabbing” advertising when machine is not in use 

In-built WIFI GPRS telemetry - allowing easy access to sales figures

Choose from 7oz (150ml), 9oz (180ml) and 12oz (250ml

 paper cups

Customise your Sigma Touch and apply your brand or

company logo to the touch screen menu via USB

Highlight your brand or company logo with a bespoke

backlit door panel (optional extra)


User friendly menus cater for all


The touch sensitive screen offers numerous menu options

including a more choices menu, a decaf menu and the

accessibility menu - designed to sit below the recommended

1.2 meter guideline for wheelchair users

All of these menus are available in English and three other languages

as standard; French, German and Spanish

Drink descriptions, clear step by step instructions and drink images make your selection quick, easy and offer plenty of additional extras such as syrup shots

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