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Rutherford are not tied to any particular manufacturer or supplier, therefore, we're free to negotiate and purchase our supplies at the best prices, always keeping us competitive.

Because we offer all the market leading products, plus a few speciality ones, we make sure you have a lot to choose from.

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Kenco Flavia Klix Nescafe Cadburys] Coke-Cola / Bitvic


In-Cup vending machines offer you great tasting branded drinks served from In-Cup paper cups (the product is already in the cup when the water and sugar is added, ensuring quality is consistent). This innovative design ensures the machines are easy to clean, fill and maintain.

Kenco Singles MachinesWe offer a range of floor and tabletop machines. With different drink capacities and numerous functions they have been designed to suit a variety of needs.

The Kenco Singles™ vending machine has been designed for general staff usage as well as for reception areas, meeting and training rooms, in fact anywhere where a convenient and high quality hot drink is required. It provides freshly filtered coffee, tea or hot chocolate flavour drinks in seconds without having to wait for the kettle to boil or ordering fresh drinks in meetings.

Its unique capsule design allows water to pass immediately through each drink as and when it is required, ensuring it is freshly brewed every time.

Kenco Singles machines are available as either manual or automatic fill.

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Flavia are a market leader in the supply of machines that deliver a wide range of high quality hot beverages. Whatever your drink, the freshness and aroma is individually sealed into every Flavia filterpack and this is released only when you fill your cup. There are no stewed drinks and freshness is guaranteed at every vend!

Making a drink is simplicity itself, and there is no wastage or mess. Cleaning is simple and painless. Disposal of used filterpacks (which remain dry!) likewise.

Flavia machines have proven reliability so you will have no worries about breakdowns or loss of service. Although the process used is sophisticated, the mechanism for delivering drinks is simple, straightforward and almost always trouble free.

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In the course of a working day, there are moments of light relief. Breaks from the routine that keep everyone going. They mean so much. The simple ritual of pausing for a drink - taking in a change of scene - makes a real difference to our quality of life. And to how we feel about work. 

With KLIX drinks systems, you get a smart, reliable, energy-efficient drinks system, serving top quality refreshments using the unique KLIX 'in-cup' method at the touch of a button. Clean, economical and hassle-free. We also offer great choice, and excellent customer service.

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Our machines are operated using genuine Nescafe products. We also supply Gold Blend coffee packaged in our own design box in either 73mm or 76mm cup size.

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We operate our machines and sell Cadbury chocolate in loose ingredients. We supply Cadbury chocolate drinks in In Cup in own design boxes in either 73mm or 76mm cup size.



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Coca Cola & Britvic

Coke & Britvic operate can and bottle machines on behalf of Gerald Rutherford Limited.

Gerald Rutherford Limited are Third Party opertors of GSK Lucozade equipment.

Healthy Eating

Gerald Rutherford Limited supply a range of healthy eating options to compliment the governments new legislation.

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